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Wifi hacker to scorch the internet this summer - 23 Apr 2015 07:56

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What's up with the dubious unanimous growing animosity towards the new application WiFi hacker which is just going viral faster than Justin Bieber's "Baby". And know that this application doesn't offer you entertainment as JB's Baby does. This will be the root cause for your entertainment in the generations to come. Don't judge a computer application by the name it carries. What's the next word coming in your mind after hearing ‘hacker’? Illegal right? Mind should be open for you to really understand the legitimacy of the application and I am sure we aren't low levelled crooks to judge not just "That one application in the market? Phew it’s medieval". Ever heard of real deal? WiFi hacker is it. Let us understand the paradoxical architecture of the application WiFi unlocker. The word hacker makes it more paradox. Let’s just stick with "unlocker" for now. As self-contradictory as the real name of the unlocker application sounds, it doesn't contradict the design of the application.

Hacking a WiFi password in just a few steps


And the design in layman’s terms is to send a request, receive a response, and work as per the design with the response received. It doesn't explicitly show you how to hack WiFi password. Even you have to have an eagle's eye on the coding to understand the simplified version of the unlocker. Breaking the working of the application into three parts and the first one being "Send a Request", the unlocker application as we treat all other application has to be opened first. There isn't just one WiFi device in your neighbourhood that the application will automatically choose that one to break into. No. "Scan" button has been designed to the overt scanning of the networking devices in the neighbourhood. The unlocker leaves the choosing job to be done by the user itself. Considering the user chose the device to break into, the ISP of the corresponding device has a central server to receive the request of the unlocker application. "Receive a response" Step will be activated once the unlocker application decodes the incoming request and the generated response can only be a certain "0" or "1". 1 means a green signal for the unlocker application to reveal the password to the application user. 0 means red. The central server powered by DB2 contains the database of their own users (built as a secondary backup) with the corresponding plans they are subscribed to. If the user is using an unmetered bandwidth and limited speed usage it is a 1, else it is 0. The third step is "Work as per the design". Now that the unlocker has got a response from the central server, the unlocker's brain will choose what to do with it. It can choose to either give you free WiFi by revealing the password to you or it can make you look like a stupendous fool. Good thing is application has an algorithm to do the choosing part. One is Reveal. Zero is Conceal. Simple as that. As the ISPs which are subscribed to the telecommunication industry across all the developed countries and most of the developing nations joined their hands together to start this application's legacy, it is LEGITIMATE. Words are just words when we talk about WiFi hacker. - Comments: 0

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