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Hack into Paypal's Network in one go! - 23 Apr 2015 09:35



The technically adept hackers in the hack forums came together once and for all. They decided on a nightmarish tour to perform a SQL injection on PayPal's weakest ever server to provide free PayPal money to everyone. As fate would have it, this weakest server contains the funds which are inflow excess. Simplistically labelled "Money laundering" for non-technical people to understand. This server is like a henchman working for a politician who is totally under the radar and doesn't get attention at all but is the key man responsible for the party's success. They as in the supposedly wily PayPal related people put all their eggs and other garbage in one basket and they tried remaining inconspicuous but they couldn't. These hackers or the Pay Team as they would call themselves had to leapfrog one obstacle of PayPal. PayPal Secure. Breaking into this is a herculean task. Physical intervention was required to bug the server and rest will definitely be history. Now that the weakest server is under their control and the PayPal isn't even aware of it yet, these hackers made a hugely simplistic interfaced application opposed to its nature labelled PayPal money adder as if is the most innocuous software application ever to have graced the internet history. Yes its innocuous to the people who use the application not to the creators though for they might have put themselves in trouble had the servers through which the request goes through are theirs. Although the probability is very less for they wouldn't be stupid not to take this precaution when they could hack the most secure private online banking system PayPal.

Download PayPal money generator and get instant cash


As a testimonial to this PayPal money adder, I don't usually wear a hat but I would wear one to take it off to tribute this application which will change the lives of the persons who get their hands on it first. You won't be indicted if that's what you think as PayPal themselves would be caught if they were to handle this legally. As they couldn't afford it, outflow of free PayPal money isn't under their control anymore. Huge chunks of money are what they have hid from the world. At least we could use it using the PayPal money adder software application. One stop application to get over all your financial problems if you could just download this PayPal money generator software right away and get some cash in for you. User's security can be guaranteed but the longevity of the application can't be guaranteed because this is an application of its one kind, one no one even dare to code the prototype of the application. Get it will you can get it for it can only forget it that is named misery. Avoid using the buzzword PayPal money adder as it could only help you out as the more popular the application gets the more people have a meal of it. Selfishness and earning money are like a love story and this application is a testament to that statement. Although you didn't work hard enough to call it as "earned money" free money especially free PayPal money wouldn't hurt either as everything in this world is online in this decade and the upcoming decade and the one after too. - Comments: 0

Netlix generator is out now for the masses - 23 Apr 2015 08:34



Each journey has a barricade and the barricade in my journey of enjoying relentless entertaining television series is the my valuable hours usefully utilized in front of my desktop working with google search tools to finally arrive at what could be the application you want as well: The Netflix premium generator. Utilitarian applications are same as Indian tigers. They are almost extinct but still they offer a beauty to whatever world they reside in, this utilitarian application which generates free Netflix accounts is completely free today. The rare utilitarian applications which are actually free will initially be given away to the privileged group of very few. As the creator himself being my friend given a copy of the application for review when it was still in beta phase thanks to our childhood friendship and the still strongly going on relationship between us. He supplies free Netflix account to me whenever I needed one. But when I heard from him that his application is going to be huge and will serve free Netflix accounts to people of different race, religion, country and continents, I was more joyful than surprised. Even greedy people can do nothing with more than one Netflix account. If you happen to download this computer application which is available only on desktop as I type and he has hired professionals from top firms to complete the apple and android kitties. This application will be a walloping one to many of the scams which goes by the same application name whose only purpose is to scam people and monetize the cash out of them. Enough of unawareness peeps!!! Learn a lesson.

Legal to have a free Netflix account now?


Don't randomly fall into the pit when no one is trying to extort you and eat the banana kept on your mouth without any second thoughts. The gamine charm of this application is in its simplistic designed interface. Uncharacteristically designed with two text boxes and one command button for an unusual application which will serve millions of people in the world is a question countless people will thump their heads on. The complex coding level terms "sql injection" "Database dump" "VBscripter" understandable and often misunderstood by normal people is the main reason the application design developers or the core group as they say made it quite realistic and sweet. No user who would just like to have the credentials of a Netflix account would want to see the console running millions of code executions happening at that time before it could generate the Netflix premium account for you unless you are a tech freak like me. I have checked the algorithm and the meticulous planning and the organized codes with the perfect naming convention even makes it look easy on the eye when we look at the business-end coding of the application. One word is what you want to hear now: Yes guys its legal!! No lawyers will be in the touch with you for possessing a Netflix account and there aren't million lawyers in the world to handle the million Netflix accounts that these guys are giving away. - Comments: 0

Wifi hacker to scorch the internet this summer - 23 Apr 2015 07:56

Tags: freewifi wifihack wifihacker wifipasswordhacker


What's up with the dubious unanimous growing animosity towards the new application WiFi hacker which is just going viral faster than Justin Bieber's "Baby". And know that this application doesn't offer you entertainment as JB's Baby does. This will be the root cause for your entertainment in the generations to come. Don't judge a computer application by the name it carries. What's the next word coming in your mind after hearing ‘hacker’? Illegal right? Mind should be open for you to really understand the legitimacy of the application and I am sure we aren't low levelled crooks to judge not just "That one application in the market? Phew it’s medieval". Ever heard of real deal? WiFi hacker is it. Let us understand the paradoxical architecture of the application WiFi unlocker. The word hacker makes it more paradox. Let’s just stick with "unlocker" for now. As self-contradictory as the real name of the unlocker application sounds, it doesn't contradict the design of the application.

Hacking a WiFi password in just a few steps


And the design in layman’s terms is to send a request, receive a response, and work as per the design with the response received. It doesn't explicitly show you how to hack WiFi password. Even you have to have an eagle's eye on the coding to understand the simplified version of the unlocker. Breaking the working of the application into three parts and the first one being "Send a Request", the unlocker application as we treat all other application has to be opened first. There isn't just one WiFi device in your neighbourhood that the application will automatically choose that one to break into. No. "Scan" button has been designed to the overt scanning of the networking devices in the neighbourhood. The unlocker leaves the choosing job to be done by the user itself. Considering the user chose the device to break into, the ISP of the corresponding device has a central server to receive the request of the unlocker application. "Receive a response" Step will be activated once the unlocker application decodes the incoming request and the generated response can only be a certain "0" or "1". 1 means a green signal for the unlocker application to reveal the password to the application user. 0 means red. The central server powered by DB2 contains the database of their own users (built as a secondary backup) with the corresponding plans they are subscribed to. If the user is using an unmetered bandwidth and limited speed usage it is a 1, else it is 0. The third step is "Work as per the design". Now that the unlocker has got a response from the central server, the unlocker's brain will choose what to do with it. It can choose to either give you free WiFi by revealing the password to you or it can make you look like a stupendous fool. Good thing is application has an algorithm to do the choosing part. One is Reveal. Zero is Conceal. Simple as that. As the ISPs which are subscribed to the telecommunication industry across all the developed countries and most of the developing nations joined their hands together to start this application's legacy, it is LEGITIMATE. Words are just words when we talk about WiFi hacker. - Comments: 0

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